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The Antenna Notebook

The Antenna Notebook
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The Antenna Notebook

Great designs you will want to build

It doesn't matter how good your rig is, if your antenna is of low quality, or not the right one for what you are trying to do, then you will not get very far. So, radio amateurs worldwide find themselves looking for solutions that suit their needs and locations. That is where The Antenna Notebook steps in, providing a collection of over 50 designs covering a multitude of bands and locations, showcasing some of the diverse and innovative antennas that you will want to build.

The Antenna Notebook is aimed at inspiring you to have a go at building something that, in times where budgets are increasingly stretched, can be a more economic option than one that is 'off the peg'. Broken into broad sections, you will find the book starts with stealthy antennas that so many need today and then it goes onto loops, horizontal, directional, vertical and even a range of innovative VHF antennas. Articles included have varying degrees of difficulty but all are included to encourage you to 'have a go'. The material has been drawn predominately from the Radio Society of Great Britain's journal RadCom but also from a wide range of sources including the GQRP magazine Sprat, the ARRL magazine QST and online. Based on a book by the late Giles Reed, G1MFG 60 Antennas you will want to build, this book builds on that 'want to build' spirit that Giles also set out to achieve.

Regardless of whether you have never built an antenna before, or are an experienced hand, The Antenna Notebook is here to provide an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration. So, if you want to improve your station's performance, or are looking for something that will work for your location, this book is thoroughly recommended amateur radio reading.

Product Details
Softcover: 288 pages
Author: Lorna Smart, 2E0POI
Publisher: RSGB
First published: 2024
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-91399-552-2
Format: 174 x 240mm