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Radio Today guide to the YAESU FT-710

Radio Today guide to the YAESU FT-710
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Radio Today guide to the YAESU FT-710

This book from the well-known author Andrew Barron is another in his Radio Today series that brings you the practical guide to getting the most out the most highly rated transceivers. Covering in detail the Yaesu FT-710 this 100W radio which utilizes the latest advanced digital RF technology.

The FT-710 replaces the FTdx1200 as the Yaesu entry-level HF transceiver. With the narrow price difference between the FTdx10 and the FT-710 Andrew not only looks at the features - what do you miss out on and what new features are included, alongside a practical and easy to understand guide to getting the most out of this radio. Starting with the most obvious difference that the FT-710 is an SDR Andrew explains how this is used in practice along with the SDR transmitter. As a comparison, the FTdx10 is described as a 'Hybrid SDR'. The book doesn't stop with the technical though and there are comprehensive pages about setting the radio up for typical usage, alongside the sections on operating including CW. The touch screen display and function menus all come in for the same Andrew Barron treatment - a practical guide to using them and making the most of them. There is much more included in this comprehensive guide to what is without doubt a great radio.

As always, the Radio Today series the radiotoday guide to the Yaesu FT-710 is not simply a 'rehash' of the Yaesu User Manual, nor does it try to replace it. If you own a Yaesu FT-710 or are just interested in how they work before buying one this highly illuminating guide is something no owner or potential buyer should be without.

Product Details
Softcover: 208 pages
Author: Andrew Barron, ZL3DW
Publisher: RSGB
First published: 2023
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-91399-536-2
Format: 176 x 240mm