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60 Antennas you will want to build!

60 Antennas you will want to build!
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Giles Read, G1MFG, RSGB 2018, 288 Seiten, 17,4 x 24 cm, Softcover, Sprache: English
ISBN: 9781 9101 9355 6

60 Antennas you will want to build!

Whatever the type of antenna, there is always a genuine sense of achievement when you build one yourself and it provides great results. This book sets out to provide a huge array of designs that the home constructor can attempt and more importantly will want to build.

Unlike many other antenna books this book starts with the premise that it will provide all the information needed to construct the antenna so it is at your fingertips when you start. Broken into sections 60 Antennas provides designs from the simple to the complex but still achievable for the home constructor. 60 Antennas starts with a section on Vertical Antennas which includes antennas from 2-160m and even 630m. Readers will find here mobile 'screwdriver' and Slim Jim antennas and compact verticals for a wide range of situations. The book moves onto Horizontal Antennas that also cover the amateur radio spectrum with dipoles, multi-bands and more. Directional antennas are covered with a variety of beams and quads. The section on Loop Antennas includes an indoor variant and details of how to make these as efficient as possible. For those with restrictions of what antennas they can use Stealthy Antennas provides a variety of invisible or nearly invisible options amongst the designs included. VHF and up isn't forgotten with a selection of antennas for microwaves, 2m, 70cm that includes horn, beams and log periodic varieties. are a host of is much

There is not enough space here to list all the antennas or their variations are included in 60 Antennas. Selected from around the amateur radio World and from some of the great names of antenna design there is much here that will inspire 'You to want build!' your next antenna.