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International Microwave Handbook, 2nd Edition

International Microwave Handbook, 2nd Edition
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A. Barter, G8ATD, Format 240 mm x 174 mm, 544 Seiten,
ISBN: 9781-9050-8644-3

The microwave bands are a very popular part of the amateur radio spectrum. They provide the space to experiment with many of the modern modes of transmission and, with the availability of high performance components, kits and ready built units, there is ample opportunity for everyone to take advantage of these interesting bands.

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) in partnership with the American Radio Relay league (ARRL) has produced this second edition of this International Microwave Handbook. As before, this book provides reference information and designs from around the world of microwaves. Material has been drawn from many sources including the RSGB journal RadCom and the ARRL publications QST and QEX. Alongside this, a truly international range of material from radio amateurs has been sourced from countries including Germany, Slovenia, Australia, South Africa, USA, UK and many more.The book contains invaluable reference material for those who want to understand these exciting bands.

The fundamental principles used to design and construct equipment for the microwave bands are all covered. Techniques and devices lead the reader to understand the wide range of modern components and equipment available that can reasonably be used by radio amateurs - these range from those that can be used by most radio amateurs to those that require a high degree of skill.This second edition of International Microwave Handbook has been overhauled and updated to incorporate the many advances that have led to an easier and more cost effective entry onto the microwave bands. For those considering the move to the microwave bands or those already active, this book is the best guide to this exciting area of amateur radio.