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Weekend Projects for the Radio Amateur

Weekend Projects for the Radio Amateur
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G. Brown, MW5ACN, Size 240 x 174 mm, 224 pages, ISBN: 9781-9050-8641-2

If you are interested in construction or just good advice this is a book for you. As the title suggests Weekend Projects for the Radio Amateur is packed with over sixty articles covering a wide variety of projects for every radio amateur.

Weekend Projects for the Radio Amateur is broken down into two main parts: Build It Yourself and Reference with the first part split further into three sections Aerials, General and Station Accessories. The Aerials section, contains, six antennas for you to try along with information on erecting antennas and their maintenance. Moving on the reader is treated to a design for an 80M transceiver and getting into the 10GHz band in the General section. The Station Accessories section is huge, containing dozens of projects covering everything from a dry cell tester and ni-cad chargers through ATU designs and much more. The books Reference part is packed with articles to maximise the hobby. There are articles on oscilloscopes, noise reduction circuits, radiation resistance along with guides to HF Contesting and getting started on a shoestring.

Weekend Projects for the Radio Amateur has something for everyone. The reader will find it jam packed with articles all in language that no-one will find stuffy or boring. This book is excellent those just looking for interesting ideas to construct and for the newcomers to the hobby looking to expand their knowledge.