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Work the World with System Fusion

Work the World with System Fusion
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Work the World with System Fusion

System Fusion is one of the three popular digital voice modes alongside DMR and D-Star. Well known author Andrew Barron, ZL3DW brings his usual no-nonsense approach to this Yaesu specific made and gives you the usual 'what you need to know and how to do it' guide to this impressive mode.

System Fusion and Wires-X are exclusive to Yaesu. Although you have to use a Yaesu radio to access Yaesu Wires-X 'rooms' anyone can access thousands of YSF and FCS reflectors using a hotspot, a DV dongle, or a non-Yaesu repeater. Many of these reflectors are in turn linked to DMR talk groups, D-Star reflectors, Wires-X rooms, and other digital voice modes.

As usual Andrew explains in Work the World with System Fusion the base technology from the C4FM (continuous 4-state frequency modulation) which is similar to the 4FSK modulation used by DMR and the GMSK modulation used for D-Star. The DN digital narrow mode and what happens when you press the Wires-X button. For example, if you are connected to a genuine Yaesu repeater or a PDN or HRI-200 Wires-X node, the search function on the radio will list the available Wires-X rooms. If you are using a hotspot, multi-mode repeater, DV dongle, or non-Yaesu repeater, the search function will list YSF and FCS reflectors. A powerful set of features indeed. There is much more besides in this book, with using the various reflectors explained, alongside Hotspots, Troubleshooting and there is even advice on 'What should you buy'.

If you have a compatible Yaesu hand-held transceivers or a repeater in your area offers System Fusion then Work the World with System Fusion provides just what you need to make use of this mode. If you want a book that provides real insight into the System Fusion mode, there is no better book for you.

Product Details
Softcover: 144 pages
Andrew Barron, ZL3DW
Publisher: RSGB
First published: 2023
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-91399-532-4
Format: 174 x 240mm