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Mini DXpeditions for Everyone

Mini DXpeditions for Everyone
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B. McFarland, GM6DX, RSGB 2022, 122 S., 17,6 x 24,0 cm, ISBN: 978 191399 520 1

Many regard DXpeditions as complex events that may involve getting a shipping container of equipment to a Pacific Island or getting visas for a country with little of no amateur radio activity. However, it doesn't need to be like that, and this book shows 'you can do this!' alongside the fun that can be had on a shoestring with a few friends or on your own.

So, what is a mini-DXpedition? DXpeditions are expedition to a particular place for the purpose of operating DX (long-distance radio contacts) on amateur radio. A mini-DXpedition is of course simply a smaller-scale event - maybe a trip from the UK to Europe with 5 or less operators or a trip to a local island or beach. Not surprisingly such trips require you to have, an understanding of various antenna properties, which antennas are practical, good operating practices and RFI problem solving. That is where Mini DXpeditions for Everyone sets out to help. You will find guides to antennas you might use, propagation considerations, effective radios, power sources, RFI and much more to aid your planning. You will also find information on effective operating and even tips for your public relation skills. Location options are explained, and the book provides advice on ensuring you operate legally within other countries. There is even a section on Pico-DXpeditions for the solo operator and another on how you might even record your adventure.

Mini DXpeditions for Everyone shows that everyone can organise a DXpedition and most importantly the fun that can be had doing so. This book is thoroughly recommended reading for absolutely everyone who has ever wondered about portable operation through to enjoying the challenge of operating from an unfamiliar station with a few friends.