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Antennas for MF and Above

Antennas for MF and Above
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Mike Parkin, G0JMI, Size 240 x 174 mm, 112 pages, ISBN: 9781 9101 9346 4

Written by RadCom antennas guru Mike Parkin this is a book that provides exactly what is says on the cover. Antennas for MF and Above is a practical guide to antennas for the relatively new 630m band, 160m, 80m and equally new 60m band.

This book is aimed at the constructor, or those who are curious to understand in further detail the theoretical aspects of the antenna techniques used on these bands. Rather than concentrating on single bands, Mike shows how you can often use the same approach or even the same antenna to work two or more bands. There are examples of how a 160m antenna can be pressed into service on 630m or even 80m ones that can be made to work on 160 and 60m. There are specialised chapters covering for example antennas for 630m

You will find examples of single band and multi-band working designs for both vertical and horizontally polarised antennas. There are explanations of the operation of antennas with radiation pattern diagrams used to help with understanding the concepts introduced. You will also find practical techniques for matching the antenna to the transmission line are covered using examples of baluns, transformers and ATUs to illustrate these methods.

If you are interested in experimenting with the bands below 40m, you are sure to find much to interest you in this book. Antennas for MF and Above is without doubt one of amateur radio's standard reference works and THE practical guide for everyone interested in antennas for the amateur bands from 630m to 60m.