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50 Years of Amateur Radio Innovation

50 Years of Amateur Radio Innovation
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J. Veras, K9OCO, 128 pages, Hardcover

Transmitters, Receivers and Transceivers: 1930-1980

Many consider 1930 to 1980 as the "golden age" of American radio technology. It was a time of extraordinary innovation driven by a rare breed of pioneering engineers and entrepreneurs. This 50-year span saw the introduction of receivers, transmitters and transceivers that would become famous throughout the world. They became the treasured favorites of Amateur Radio operators, soldiers and professionals.

50 Years of Amateur Radio Innovation takes you on a guided tour of more than 400 of these legendary radios, lovingly restored by their owners and gorgeously photographed by Joe Veras, K9OCO. Each photo includes a brief description along with the year the radio was introduced and its selling price at that time. Many of the radios are quite rare; this may be the only place you will ever see them! Others are sure to bring fond memories of equipment you may have owned yourself.