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LF Today, 3rd Edition

LF Today, 3rd Edition
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A guide to success on the bands below 1 MHz; ISBN: 9781 9050 8693 1,
Size 174 mm x 240 mm, 193 pages

by Mike Dennison, G3XDV

Low frequency operating has never been more popular, and the introduction of a new international amateur allocation at 472kHz means that, with 136kHz, there are now two bands below 1MHz. LF Today distils nearly twenty years experience of the low frequencies and aims to help you get the most out of operating in this part of the spectrum.

This third edition of LF Today aims to provide the reader with a firm knowledge of the frequencies below 1MHz and has been expanded to include the many revisions and updates. New to this edition are many projects for the 472kHz band, an analysis of the various modes used on the low frequencies, and how to receive and transmit on even lower frequencies at VLF. A guest chapter by Alan Melia, G3NYK, explains how to predict LF ionospheric conditions. This book includes practical information on antennas, receivers, transmitters and operating.

Written by the leading authorities on LF, Mike Dennison, G3XDV this book aims to help the beginner who wants to try out this fascinating amateur allocation, but it is also of great value to anyone already active on the band who wants to expand the knowledge of the bands.

In short, LF Today is a one-stop shop for anyone seeking information on amateur radio operation below 1MHz.