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Hands-On Radio Experiments · Vol. 2

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Hands-On Radio Experiments · Vol. 2

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H. Ward Silver, N0AX, 144 pages, ISBN: 0-87259-341-1

ARRL’s Hands-On Radio Experiments Volume 2 gathers all of the columns over the past five years, from 2008 through 2012. Once again, Silver expertly leads you through 60 short electronics experiments, designed to increase your understanding of basic radio fundamentals, components, circuits and design:/

- Radio and Electronic Fundamentals
- Radio and Electronic Fundamentals
- Building Block Circuits
- Power Supplies
- Filters
- Oscillators and Buffers
- Transmission Lines & Impedance Matching
- Workshop & Design Techniques

Includes a complete parts list from all experiments in Volumes 1 and 2!

These experiments, devised by H. Ward Silver, NØAX, first appeared in QST magazine's "Hands-On Radio" column from 2009-2012. The collection covers a wealth of topics designed to educate today's radio experimenters, and inspire others who want to learn what makes their radios work. Even seasoned experts will encounter new approaches to practical methods, new explanations for familiar topics and new ideas that will enhance your understanding of the radio art. Step-by-step, Silver expertly leads you through each experiment - and you'll make discoveries along the way!




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