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Ham Radio FAQ

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Al Alvareztorres, AA1DO, and Ed Hare, W1RFI
The ARRL Lab and "The Doctor" answer your Frequently Asked Questions!

You've Got Questions...We've Got Answers!
They may be straightforward or complex, theoretical or practical, but if you're an Amateur Radio operator, it's inevitable that you'll have questions.

The good news: We have the answers!
- The ARRL Lab's Technical Information Service and "The Doctor" have been answering hams' questions for nearly eight decades. This book is a compilation of actual questions submitted to TIS staff on: Antennas
- Station setup and operation
- Mobile and portable operation
- Batteries, and
- Grounding

  • Antennas, Transmission Lines and Propagation: Getting your signal from here to there isn't all that difficult - if you've got a decent antenna system and a rudimentary knowledge of how radio signals travel.
  • The Station - Installation and Operation: If your station layout and operating skills are still a work in progress (and whose aren't!), you'll find the answers here.
  • Mobile, Portable, Repeaters: Whether it's on the road or on a mountaintop, you'll enhance your enjoyment of ham radio away from home with the answers you'll find in this chapter.
  • Batteries: When you can't be on ac, you'll be on battery power. You'll find powerful answers to your mobile and portable power questions in this chapter.
  • Grounding and Lightning: Why do hams ground their stations? Why do some of us ignore the threat that lightning can cause sensitive electronic equipment - until it's too late?
  • References: All kinds of useful reference material you can put to good use right away: Addresses, telephone numbers, Web sites, lists of tools every ham should have - and much, much more.




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